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My Healthy Nutrition

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”


Close-up of female hand holding green apple

A client once asked my why Shaklee named their nutritional supplement line: “Healthy Nutrition”—Isn’t all nutrition ‘healthy’ by definition?  The answer is: yes…and no.  Nutrition should be healthy.  Nutritional supplements ought to be healthy, or why take them?  The problem is that many companies add fillers, useless ingredients, or even ingredients (especially in weight loss products) that aren’t good for you.  Shaklee takes its Healthy Nutrition product line to heart.  Every single Shaklee product is made in a safe, environmentally-friendly facility with ingredients that are good for you and safe to use.  Shaklee’s vitamins and supplements were all created after years of careful research, and provide the fruits of that research and innovation.  When you use our cellular anti-aging product Vivix™ or our Shakleebaby™ supplements, you use them with confidence that every single ingredient will not only “do no harm”, but provide your or your child’s body with the nutrition it needs to be healthy.

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