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My Healthy Weight

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”


Shaklee Helped Me Find My Healthy Weight!

All too often when dieting we tend to decide upon a size or weight before we start dieting.  Our perfect weight is usually based on what we’ve just seen on magazine covers and ads or after viewing our favorite actor or actress in their Oscar wardrobe.  Size envy can be a terrible thing.  We see these wafer thin fashion models and think that’s the size we need to be.  This causes us to fad or crash diet, trying desperately to live off of 600 calories, and then…BOOM!  Crash and burn.  We fail because we cared more about appearances than our health.  With Shaklee products I was able to discover my healthy weight and then formulate a nutrition and exercise plan to attain and retain it.

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