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A client once asked my why Shaklee named their nutritional supplement line: “Healthy Nutrition”—Isn’t all nutrition ‘healthy’ by definition?  The answer is: yes…and no.  Nutrition should be healthy.  Nutritional supplements ought to be healthy, or why take them?  The problem is that many companies add fillers, useless ingredients, or even ingredients (especially in weight loss products) that aren’t good for you.  Shaklee takes its Healthy Nutrition product line to heart.  Every single Shaklee product is made in a safe, environmentally-friendly facility with ingredients that are good for you and safe to use.  Shaklee’s vitamins and supplements were all created after years of careful research, and provide the fruits of that research and innovation.  When you use our cellular anti-aging product Vivix™ or our Shakleebaby™ supplements, you use them with confidence that every single ingredient will not only “do no harm”, but provide your or your child’s body with the nutrition it needs to be healthy.

Shaklee Vitamins: It Begins with Vita-Lea

Vitamins and supplements were the foundation of the Shaklee Corporation.  In fact, people most familiar with Shaklee will tell you about the Vita-Lea and Liqui-Lea multi-vitamin products. The Vita-Lea product line contains between 19 and 23 of the essential nutrients for healthy development.  Vita-Lea Ocean Wonders is a Kosher-certified multi-vitamin for children that provides your child with not only 19 nutrients, but 150% of the daily recommended value of vitamin D and 100% of the recommended daily value of “C”.  This means that even if you skip that glass of orange juice in the morning, your child is still getting enough A, D, C and B vitamins to remain spirited and energetic all throughout their school day.  For adults there is Vita-Lea, Vita-Lea Gold, and Vita-Lea Plus Iron, making this multi-vitamin an essential part of your daily nutritional Shaklee vitamin regimen.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive vitamin pac there is Shaklee Vitalizer. A 30 day supply of 80 bio-optimized nutrients, conveniently packaged for ease of use. Based on a clinical study done at the prestigious UC Berkley School of Public health, Vitalizer is a pac of vitamins that are clinically proven to help create a longer and healthier life for those who partake. The Vitalizer contains vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics. 12 patents on the products as well as the delivery system so Shaklee guarantees delivery of these power packed nutrients to where they need to be in your body.

Shaklee Supplements Address Target Areas

Shaklee developed joint , bone, and cardiovascular supplement to help reduce common problems as the result of aging. They have targeted solutions for digestive health, heart health, specific mens issues related to prostate health and women s issues such as PMS, menapause and osteoporosis  to name a few. Whether you have children in need of a natural solution to ADD/ADHD or allergies and asthma or are sport enthusiast or elite athlete looking to increase your performance and reduce the incidence of injury, Shaklee has the product for you. Not trendy, just good, clinically proven products that contain the ingredients listed on the bottle in the purest and most potent form possible.

Shaklee supplements like Vivix™ work to address the outward symptoms of aging, by boosting the body’s own cellular repair process my promoting mitochondrial biogenesis and slowing the formation of AGE protein.  Vivix also supports cardiovascular function, brain function, and boosts your body’s immune system.  A single 30 day supply of Vivix contains as much Resveratrol as 3,000 glasses of wine!

Isn’t it time you learned more about the Shaklee basics? Maintaining a healthy weight through exercise and diet combined with Shaklee products will make you healthy and beautiful. Being healthy at home as well as away from home is a fabulous place to be!