Healthy at Home

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home”


Healthy at Home: Green Cleaning at its Best

Shaklee has been committed since its inception to providing environmentally friendly,  healthy alternatives to the harsh and toxic cleaning supplies that line the supermarket shelves.  Recent studies into children’s health have shown the plethora of toxins and chemicals that are swimming around the bloodstreams of our Nation’s children.  At very young ages and throughout their lives, children are exposed to harsh chemicals that can cause endless health problems for them as they grow.  Shaklee is a company that stands by its products, promoting “Healthy at Home” lifestyle choices by providing safe and mild, green cleaning products that are safe to use around children.

Shaklee Get Clean™

Shaklee believes you should never have to choose between being clean and being green.  It is an absurdity to “clean” your house only to bring more toxins into it.  Isn’t the point of cleaning to remove germs and make everyone healthier for it?  If so, isn’t it a stretch of purpose to make everyone unhealthy in your effort to be healthy?  The Shaklee Get Clean approach is to create an environmentally friendly product that not only cleans, but promotes healthy living.  Our products are safe, powerful, green, and smart.

All too often moms and dads make the choice between products that clean and are “mean” and products that are “friendly” but don’t get things looking clean.  The Shaklee product line actually outperforms 12 famous national brands in cleaning tests!  They so absolutely believe in their Get Clean line that they offer a 100% money back guarantee.  Do you think the folks at Chlorox or 409 would be willing to offer that?

Shaklee promises all its customers that their Get Clean products will not only provide effective cleaning for your home, but provide them without harmful toxins like ammonia, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, lye, or petroleum distillates.  For families with small children in the home this can mean the difference between healthy, happy children, and those with chronic symptoms.

Lastly, when you are buying a Shaklee Get Clean product you are labeling yourself a smart shopper.  Pick up any bottle of conventional cleaner.  You will discover that you have just bought a product made up of mostly water.  All of Shaklee’s products are concentrated.  You would literally have to pay over $3K at the supermarket to get the same amount of product in a single Get Clean kit.

Please, take care of the toxins and chemicals living in your home, reward your body and your family with healthy nutrition, celebrate you are healthy and beautiful. Make your living better!