Healthy and Beautiful

“Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic”



Healthy and Beautiful, the Shaklee Way

Shaklee wants to prove that you can be healthy and beautiful.  At Shaklee we believe you should nourish yourself inside and out .Enfuselle is vitamin therapy for the skin, your largest organ. We’ve applied 50 years of research into nutrition to develop this advance anti-aging skin care line. Not only will you moisture you skin, you can improve it which repairing damage done from the environment. Enfuselle has been clinically proven to improve skin tone, reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin resiliency and firmness while nourishing and protecting the skin with antioxidant vitamins. All that in just 28 Days.

Shaklee Personal Care

Safe products not only for the face for your whole body. Look no further than Shaklee for safe products for your whole body and whole family. Wonderful  moisturizing Shower gel, Hand and Body lotion, lovely Shea Butter cream as well as soap free cleansers that won’t dry the skin. Nourish your hair with healthy ProSante products and brush your teeth with Dentifrice sweetened with Xylitol, containing no floride. Check your cabinets and shift your spending to Shaklee when making a decision to be healthy from head to toe.

Shaklee Cosmetics: Improve Your  Skin’s Health

Shaklee cosmetics, the Minerelles line is temporarily discontinued, please check back often for updates.

You need only read the countless testimonials from happy customers to get an idea of how life-changing Shaklee products can be.

Maintaining a healthy weight with assistance from Shaklee healthy nutrition joined with the line of Shaklee cosmetics will certainly bring out the best in you.  Be healthy at home and at play.