Camp Xcel: The Best Boot Camp in South Gate, CA

Camp Xcel, top boot camp center

When most people seek to get healthy and shed those excess pounds they have been holding onto, they often immediately purchase a gym membership, thinking this will make a profound effect on their efforts. Regrettably, most people end up walking away from their gym commitment after a couple of weeks simply because it does not fit their needs, much less provide them with real results.

The reason the average gym does not work is because there is no guidance. Members are tossed into the masses and expected to make their own way as they fight the crowds to get the next available treadmill.

Is this really all that working out can offer?

Many people have said goodbye to their overpriced gym memberships and hello to Camp Xcel. Here, people can find the drive, motivation, and guidance they need to be successful in reaching their fitness goals and saying goodbye to their excess flab. Camp Xcel is receiving rave reviews from its members and fitness experts. Those who truly want to see changes in their body and the scale numbers going down should join this South Gate fitness boot camp today!

Camp Xcel offers the personalized experience high-priced personal trainers do without all the mumbo-jumbo and testosterone-fueled expectations. The fitness trainers at Camp Xcel have a goal of helping each member to reach their fitness goals. These trainers are “real people” who cut through the hype of popular workout regimes and get to the meat of what really matters – real results!

At this South Gate fitness boot camp, you will not find any long lines or massive crowds. People are actually friendly and will engage you in conversation. Encouragement can be heard resounding throughout the building as everyday people work their butts off to meet their goals. All body types are accepted at Camp Xcel and no one is ever made to feel inferior to others. While each member may be at a different milestone in their journey, each one is encouraging another towards doing their best.

Studies have proven working out in a targeted, structured manner gets the most results. Unfortunately, this is not always easily achieved when one is attempting to work out on their own. This program allows people to get their lives back on track by teaching them the effective methods of toning their bodies and increasing their strength. Here, each member is given the one on one attention they need so they know how to properly work their body and push themselves within safe limitations.

Camp Xcel is so positive their program is different from any other South Gate fitness gym center, they allow new members to participate in a free week trial offer. New members can sign up for a free trial through the website or in person and will be given full access to all of the services provided. If a new member feels Xcel is not for them, they do not have to continue their membership and will not be hassled or pressured. This is an offer very few gyms ever give and when they do, it is often full of hidden sales jargon that ends up meaning a person was never really offered a “free” trial.

Those who are tired of the wait times for each piece of equipment or have grown dismayed because the atmosphere in their gym is not conducive to encouragement will find a whole new world when they embark on the journey towards improving their body through the focused methods Camp Xcel offers. With a free trial, there is nothing to lose but pounds of ugly fat. Camp Xcel provides the results other gym memberships simply cannot.

Check out this video to show you an insight on Camp Xcel boot camp session:

Camp Xcel
13450 Paramount Blvd
South Gate, CA 90280
(562) 250-7487

Good Stretches for your shoulders before a workout

top shoulder warm ups

One of the most common injuries people suffer from during their workout is shoulder injuries. Unfortunately, the shoulder joint tends to take on the brunt of the weight during a workout. This is why it is crucial people are proactive in protecting their shoulder joints by warming up before a workout and making sure their muscles are properly prepared for the workout to come. Pay attention to these pre-workout shoulder tips provided by the best fitness center in Brea.

Begin Your Workout With a Warmup

The American Council on Exercise recommends people warm up their muscles with at least ten minutes of aerobic activity. Aerobic activity allows the body to warm upso the internal core temperature rises. When this occurs, the muscles receive a greater level of blood flow. With increased oxygen, the muscles are able to better operate. Warming up the muscles will allow for a greater range of motion. Your warmup can include running in place, brisk walking, or any other activity that raises your heart rate and warms your muscles.

Dynamic Stretching Will Make the Muscles Limber

A dynamic stretch allows the muscles to perform a full range of motion without having to hold their position, such as in a static stretch. To ensure the shoulders are fully stretched, stretch your arms out wide and perform controlled arm circles. You will be amazed at how quickly this will warm up your shoulder muscles and prepare them for the workout that is to come. You should start with ten small arm circles moving forward and then ten moving backward. After this set, do one more, only use larger circle motions with ten reps forward and ten back. You should begin to feel a warming sensation in your arms and shoulders, letting you know you are carrying out the

You should start with ten small arm circles moving forward and then ten moving backward. After this set, do one more set, only use larger circular motions with ten reps forward and ten back. You should begin to feel a warming sensation in your arms and shoulders, letting you know you are carrying out the warmup correctly.

The next dynamic stretch you should perform on your shoulders is slightly bending to one side and lifting your arm over your head while stretching deeply. Do ten repetitions on each arm, making sure each stretch is slow and calculated for the most benefit.

You can also stretch your arms by swinging them forward to your shoulder level. To make sure this move is performed effectively, it is crucial to keep the swinging motions under control so they are smooth and not jerky. If you are feeling pain in your elbow, this means you are not performing the swing correctly. When this is done precisely, you will feel a warm sensation traveling from your upper arms to your shoulders and neck.

Static Stretching Offers Benefits to the Shoulders

Static stretching can be beneficial in helping to increase the flexibility of the muscles. Static stretches should be held in position for around 20 to 30 seconds to gain the most benefit. Never try to carry out static stretching without warming up first so you can avoid injury. Static stretching can be done every day, even if you do not plan on a lifting workout. The more you prepare your muscles, the less likely you will be to injure them.

What’s next after the warm up?

No it’s time to start lifting waits with those warmed up shoulders. If you need some workouts for you shoulder check out the video down below. This workouts will help you start to build those muscles.

At Brea fitness center, you can learn how to properly warmup your shoulders before your workout so they are prepared. We will guide you in warming up and working out the right way so you can begin to see positive changes in your physique. With the right pre-workout stretch routine, you will be amazed at the difference you feel once you begin lifting during your workout. Let us help you be your very best!

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